Spatial Sound

Paul Oomen

Paul Oomen, born 1983 in Amsterdam, is a composer, curator and technologist. From an early age on he gathered experience in theatre as an actor and director, and as a musician skilled in percussion, piano and singing. Oomen holds a BA and MA with Honours in Music Composition from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Universität der Künste Berlin. He specialised himself initially as a composer of music for theatre and opera, before he turned to work exclusively on the investigation of space, sound and perception within the context of 4DSOUND.

Paul Oomen is the Founder and Director of 4DSOUND since 2007 up until today. He has personally worked on more than seventy spatial sound projects to date, in collaboration with numerous internationally acclaimed artists, festivals and institutions - continuously propagating new forms of experiencing sound, such as sound exhibitions, immersive sonic meditation, participative sound theatre or collective sonic sleep-ins. His curatorial explores spatial sound as a medium with significant impact on a variety of fields in society, such as music and performing arts, architecture and public space, consciousness studies and augmented and virtual reality.

Oomen currently lives and works in Budapest, Hungary, where he founded the Spatial Sound Institute in 2015. As Head of Development at the Spatial Sound Institute, he supports artistic practice and research at the Institute, driven by his vision on the development of spatial sound as a new medium. Oomen practices a daily philosophy of listening and occasionally publishes lectures and writings about his findings.