Spatial Sound

The Origin of Experience


May 2020

Spatial Sound Institute

The Origin of Experience is a 50-minute podcast by Paul Oomen

Narrated with a sense of sound’s past, present and future, Oomen takes us on a granular journey into listening and its effects on the evolution of the human body. From our first days in the womb sensing proximity through vibrations, through to our embedding within the environment by means of sound, towards a listening that transcends the limitations of the physical.

You are recommended to download this podcast and listen to it offline, in a personal intimate setting with abundance of time and physical comfort.

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For a better experience, listen to this talk through speakers in your environment. Preferably do not use headphones.

The podcast is intended to be listened to from beginning to end without interruption.

The talk borrows and expands on the work of John Cage, Alfred Tomatis, Iegor Reznikoff, Georg von Bekesy and John Connell.

Many thanks to Ana Amoros Lopez and Vladimir Razhev for their contributions to realising the talk.

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