Spatial Sound


The Spatial Sound Institute’s physical library is an open-access curated selection of books, papers, conference proceedings and publications with past, present and emerging perspectives on sound studies from all over the world.

A significant part of the physical library has been made possible through a continuing outreach with dozens of authors, editors and institutions who recognize the need for a wider circulation of educational and pedagogical resources in sound research for the benefit of artists, academics and learners everywhere.

To this end, we are grateful for the numerous book contributions received that has supported our vision to extensively collect and organize the library residing at our institutional site in Budapest.

To continue the study of research needs, we are also identifying other subject areas in philosophical, phenomenological, sociological and humanist categories that may or may not directly tackle the field of sound but show an emphasis on areas of human concern and thought, in an attempt to provide a diversity of themes in our collection of literature.

Furthermore, to study and develop culturally and socially relevant services, we are advancing towards displaying the modest showcase of our library on the digital platform; to record each work and to provide descriptions of every available book by mentioning the author, editor, year, title, edition, synopsis, links and notes where necessary.

Explore the Spatial Sound Institute’s library

We hope that this integrated form will help researchers and readers know what publications are available on a given subject in the library, and tend to the needs of our institution’s community and the public at large.