Spatial Sound

TRACER (2017-2018)

Gabor Pribek, Filip Ruisl

Fascinated by Virtual Reality, Kitchen Budapest designers Filip Ruisl and Gábor Pribék have always been curious how it could enhance the process of sound design and composition as a new design tool. Together they worked on Tracer  – a VR tool that explores the relation between the tangible process of drawing and spatial composition in the omnidirectional sound environment at the Spatial Sound Institute.

Using Mixed-Reality technologies, they are researching and developing an interactive spatial user interface for the 4DSOUND system to improve the artist’s spatial composing procedure. With head mounted displays such as Hololens or HTC Vive, the environment is being mapped and extended with real-time sound visualizations and spatial interactions.

The application allows artists to focus on the spatial composition by drawing trajectories and sound-emitting surfaces and assign sounds to them. The tool is designed to explore the qualities of the spatial sound system using real-time 3D drawing instead of creating motion by using XYZ coordinates. The system can arrange sound in space using a 3D interface, timeline, and connection with other music instruments and DAWs in future. Additional feature on the roadmap are: 3d physics, natural approach to drawing, particles, performance and composing mode, spatial timeline, conditional sequencing.

Tracer aims to bring a whole new workflow to artists and performers, as well as a new way to interact with sounds in space for the listeners.