Spatial Sound

Ana Amorós López

Ana Amorós is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on sound, voice, illustration, volume and textures. While growing she was surrounded by drawing and painting and at home by sound therapy and science, as her mother’s a sound therapist and her father a doctor.

During her studies on Arts and Design at Escola Massana in Barcelona she encountered the craft of ceramics which became more than an artistic practice. Different kind of ceramics led to an exploration of irregularity and uneven volumes where a continuous dialogue with the material, without a will of full-control was the main focus. Working with porcelain she discovered the sound of ceramics which introduced her to sound and space creating what she calls ‘sound objects’ which in collaboration with other artists, such as Helo Moondi, became part of experimental sound performances.That was when she first encountered sound as a material away from the classical training of music. During those years she also worked with ceramist Claudi Casanovas which was very important for her.

Parallely, she started Tenger Films on 2016 where narratives related to sound are story told by means of a learning/listening experience. When she encountered Paul Oomen, 4DSOUND and it’s main philosophy ‘Ecology of Listening’ at Spatial Sound Institute Budapest, she was fascinated by how the practice of listening and sound were treated; the latter as a material with behaviour, space, texture, alive. This had a complete impact on her everyday life driving her to ‘learn to listen again’ unfolding her passion for the resonance of the voice connected to its impact on the body and mind.

Now she is mainly focused on sound, voice and telling stories revolving this theme using different mediums whenever is necessary, from independent documentary filmmaking to illustration.