Spatial Sound

The Cost of Entry is a Heartbeat: Salima Punjani (2021)


March 2021

Spatial Sound Institute

The Cost of Entry is a Heartbeat : Salima Punjani at Spatial Sound Institute from 4DSOUND on Vimeo.

This film features ‘The Cost of Entry is a Heartbeat’ by Salima Punjani, a project inspired by the current global pandemic and curiosity about the process of resocialization that is to be followed by it. Fear, doubt, uncertainty and unpredictability associated with the pandemic can be unsettling to our individual and collective nervous systems, when isolation is encouraged or enforced as a way to keep us safe.

This work aims to invite people to take part in a ritual of collective rest and togetherness using heartbeat data as the core connecting element of the piece combined with sounds collected in a number of Budapest’s thermal baths. It is an exploration of resocialization, and what it means to come together again.

Heartbeat data was collected using a pulse sensor which measures the light differentiation as blood flow changes due to a participant’s heart beat. As participants entered the room, they were invited to place their finger on the sensor and their heart beat per minute (BPM) was measured. Each performance invited up to 4 people to take part and each person was given a POZYX motion tracker that followed them while mediating the collective BPM of the combination of participants.

A film by:
Ana Amorós López 
in collaboration with Salima Punjani
4DSOUND Recordings and 4DSOUND Technician: Vladimir Razhev
Sound Mastering and Mixing: Jack McAuley
Lead camera: Bence  Mladin
Camera (Baths): Salima Punjani
Audio Recordings at SSI: Mladin Bence
Audio Recordings at Baths, SSI and Conversations with participants : Salima Punjani
Interviews: Mladin Bence and Flóra Titkos
Edited by: Ana Amorós López
Sound piece: Salima Punjani - The Cost of Entry is a Heartbeat (Binaural Mix)
Audiocaption narration: Salima Punjani
Audiocaption design: Salima Punjani and Ana Amorós López
Footage from baths: Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Gellert Spa and Bath
With special thanks to: Vladimir Razhev, Flóra Titkos, Bence Mladin , Alifiyah Imani, Paul Oomen and all the participants that were part of the performances
Produced by: Spatial Sound Institute and Tenger Films