Spatial Sound

The Cost of Entry is a Heartbeat

Salima Punjani

We are living through a global pandemic that can bring up feelings of doubt, fear and uncertainty. Isolation is encouraged for safety and security, but, how will we learn to be together again? How will we be able to feel present and safe with others?

“The Cost of Entry is a Heartbeat” invites people to take part in a ritual of collective rest. Drawing on sounds recorded in thermal baths around Budapest and the contribution of heartbeats from people attending the piece, Salima Punjani has created a multisensory spatial sound experience that combines sound, vibrations, smell and lighting which invites rest and collective healing through the interconnectedness of our heartbeats. It is an experience that bridges the individual and public ritual of bathing, reminding us how being in relationship to others contributes to well-being.

Photo credit: Bence Mladin SSI Video/Photographer