Spatial Sound

Daniela Gentile

Daniela Gentile is an Interior Designer and Multimedia Artist with a keen interest in Sound Art, which leads her to experiment with sounds related to space, exploring the theme of perception within the listener.

She holds a Master’s degree in Multimedia Arts and Design (RUFA). Her thesis was carried out with a long-term research placement at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, where she developed the project "Listening as an eco-political form of resistance." The engagement with this topic planted the roots of her current research and practice in Sound Activism, the study of sound and waveforms as weapons and as a political means for the manipulation, control and psychophysical influence of the civilian population.

Daniela is part of Quadro Quantico, a collective of young artists born in 2017 that creates interactive multimedia installations and audiovisual performances through the use of various expressive languages. Since 2020, she collaborates with the audiovisual duo BARANSU, focused on Sound Activism in all its aesthetic-formal forms.

She is currently a Research Assistant at The Works Research Institute in Budapest, an institute that investigates spatialized sound and its effects on psychological and physiological well-being.