Spatial Sound

Listening as an Eco-Political Form of Resistance (2020)

Daniela Gentile

Consisting of field recordings made in the urban fabric of Budapest and in the places where social life is consumed, Listening as an Eco-Political Form of Resistance is the urge to promote a radical change and a call to free oneself from the psycho-physical sphere of sound monopolization as a weapon used by world political forces to militarize the audio-social environment and for creating a topography of fear.

Squares, streets, bridges, trams, subways, markets and the Danube’s vast banks are sonic social topographies that define the density of human relationships and convey a political and poetic meaning. These are urban areas whose aural characteristics constitute the horizon for understanding the complex nature of the territory’s relations, transformations and peculiarities.

With a view to sound activism, Daniela Gentile develops an introspective research and creates a social listening experience that immerses the listener in an almost immaterial space: a vibrational humus in which the experience intensifies, extends and transcends from the physicality of the environment.

Imperceptible sounds float in space, surrounded by mystery to reflect between and the space around us, challenging the limits of perception that could lead towards an individual and collective sense of emancipation.