Spatial Sound

Research Archive: 

SSI Research Archive is an extension of our Library project and is set up with the aim of consolidating and curating scientific researches about and in relation to sound. Each research field has been manually categorized and includes papers and articles based on several keywords and trends within the categorization literature.

With this archive, we hope to improve the difficulty of identifying knowledge sources and publications that belong to a research area. As this is independently managed by researchers at the institute, the related literature is generally based on topics and angles that are resourceful and in line with our experiments and investigations and hence cannot be considered as a complete categorization of all scientific researches in sound.

Rather, it is intended to create ease for our visiting residents and the broader public for the valuable literature that we have come across in many academic and scientific networks and journals. Each paper and article within a research field is provided with a detailed classification: title, abstract, author, keywords, year, PDF availability and link to corresponding hosting network.

Over time, we plan to broaden this archive with new partnerships of thought and strong dedication to cross-disciplinary sound and science research. We are also keen to hear from researchers and scientists particularly those engaged in investigating similar categories, and who would like to present their work in this archive.

The foundational selection of the archive has been curated by Rona Geffen and Daniela Gentile,  alumni artist-in-residence and research associates of the Spatial Sound Institute.