Spatial Sound

Úrsula Bravo Cuevas

Úrsula Bravo Cuevas (1988). Nomadic cultural jammer. Poet as ecological survival.
Experimental musician, audiovisual artist and independent researcher, she is dedicated to the study of sound as a territory of reality. She works on sound visualisation and presence in space as techniques of epistemological composition, constructing thought from the contemporary philosophical currents of new materialism. Soundscapes are his main interest, in order to understand the process of construction of culture through listening and our way of relating to reality through sound representation. The hidden physics that resides in the rhythmicity of reality is one of the most intriguing principles that drive his research.
Her trajectory in art is characterised by the creation of transversal pedagogical spaces, with experimental workshops of sonic self-representation, by the development of sound performances and collective installations, by the facilitation of spaces as itinerant agoras for political and identity reflection.
The study of soundscapes approaches the analysis of nature and human habitats, the need for a harmonious understanding of contemporary human culture and the development of understanding and empathy with the natural environment.
She works with experimental devices on the radio station Tesla FM in the programme Espace Plein, for the dissemination of the research she carries out on soundscapes, in which she experiments with techniques and narratives, she also collaborates with the Quiet Parks project, in the search for the quietest places, using psychogeography exercises and field recording techniques.