Spatial Sound

Compound Terrains (2017-2018)

Tom Slater & Jeremy Keenan

Compound Terrains, by Tom Slater and Jeremy Keenan, is an audiovisual work that emerged from an interrogation of three dimensional audiovisual spatialisation technologies and their role in the production so-called virtual and disembodied spaces.

Compound Terrains is an attempt to locate the perceived barrier separating digital and physical space and raises the question: are virtual objects now capable of generating the same perceptual effects as real objects? By converging laser beam projections with OpenGL graphics and the immersive the audio capabilities of the 4D sound system, this installation induces an ambiguity of multistable, digital/physical and dis/embodied space. These hybrid spaces suggest different regimes of synaesthesia, knitting sensations together in varying proportions.

Compound Terrains is perhaps a contemporary contribution to the trompe l’oeil arms race, but essentially it aspires to render the concept moot in our felt experience of its protean light and sound.