Spatial Sound

Tiernan Cross

Tiernan Cross is a composer, sound artist and researcher based in Sydney, Australia. As the current recipient of the University of Sydney’s Eleanor Dunne Scholarship, Tiernan is completing postgraduate research through the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, focusing on neurological conditioning, composition and post-biological sound aesthetics.

His research and compositional practice questions the relationships between the evolution of perceptual encounters and ways in which we as humans neurologically process complex combinations of sound in mixed-reality environments. Classically trained through the Australian Film, Television & Radio School’s postgraduate program and the Sydney School of Architecture, Tiernan’s works have been exhibited and performed in China, France, Belgium, Spain, Montreal, USA, Australia, Germany and Japan. Tiernan also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Griffith University.


Schema: Towards a Post-Biological Composer (2019)