Spatial Sound

Schema (2018-2019)

Tiernan Cross

Schema is a fixed-media sound composition by Australian composer Tiernan Cross, designed specifically in 4DSOUND. The works thematically frames the nexus of consciousness between human and object in the post-biological world, exploring sonic relationships between self, nature and technology.

The composition is built upon the foundation of ‘PR-VR’, a MaxMSP device developed by the artist to capture and blend network-based field recordings with physically-based streams of audio in real-time, to formulate a simulacrum of the immediate experience of soundscapes that carry across multiple platforms of reality. Roughly 1,000 of these hybrid field recordings have been brought together within Ableton Live where they have been heavily deconstructed, augmented and reassembled to form the final composition that is Schema.

This work questions the boundaries of our immediate sound realities within the telematic age we currently live in, and how obscure combinations of sound and the intricate spatialization of such sounds can develop new modes of listening experiences and enhance auditory perception.

The project was funded in the form of a research grant from the University of Sydney. The grant itself is called the G.H.S and I.R Lightoller Scholarship.