Spatial Sound

Gábor Pribék

Gábor Pribék is a creative coder, designer and artist focusing on interactive media and 3D computer animations. He often mixes multiple media and disciplines leading to hybrid results, whilst experimenting with new technologies. Creating site-specific projects that depend on the actual space and time has an important role in his practice. His projects were shown and installed across some globally influential and historical cities such as Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Budapest and Bratislava.

He is currently undergoing his Research doctorate in Multimedia/Mixed Reality at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Since 2017 he also works as a Media designer for AR/VR at Kitchen Budapest, where in fellowship with the Spatial Sound Institute he develops an interactive spatial user interface for the 4DSOUND system together with Filip Ruisl. Some of his previous works are Creative Developer at Freelusion, developing real-time 3D graphics with Kinect body tracking and UE4 for contemporary dance shows and Digital Engineer at INDE Appshaker working on augmented reality products from concept to production.