Spatial Sound

Filip Ruisl

Filip Ruisl is a digital designer and multidisciplinary artist. His strong passion for music and sound has been reflected into a couple of experimental hardware synthesizers and modules he’s designed. He’s fascinated by technology in general and aims to design tools, exploring interaction principles in composition, performance and sound design. As a designer, he focuses on interactive projects bridging the sonic and visual. Filip has also been organising various club events as a founder of a platform called Counterpoint and producing music with his live project, exploring various psychoacoustical phenomenae with modular synthesizers and DIY instruments.

At 4DSOUND, he’s designed and developed an interactive mixed reality interface called Tracer, completely reworking the design process of spatial sound composition on the 4DSOUND engine, together with Gabor Pribek. The tool uses a VR headset and allows the user to draw paths in virtual space, mirroring a venue where the system is set up. Afterwards, the performer is able to assign sound to these paths directly from within the virtual environment.