Spatial Sound

Prozessor III (2017)

Benedikt Brachtel

How can we walk through an Opera?

Prozessor III, the third part of a series of three short productions during the residency of AGORA Musiktheaterkollektiv and composer Benedikt Brachtel at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, approaches Beethoven´s Fidelio from a completely new angle: with 30 omnidirectional speakers, 2 Subwoofers and the soprano Anna Gabler.

Opera, at least since Wagner, is being perceived frontally in a darkened room. But what if you could walk through the sound which is being played? The sound installation by AGORA Musiktheaterkollektiv enables exactly that. The sound from the orchestra pit transferred and moved within the listeners room, which is equipped with a 30.2 4DSOUND System. The previously immobile sounds now move virtually through the room – and so do the listeners. The soprano Anna Gabler acts and reacts with the imaginary presence of melodies, harmonies and characters.


PROZESSOR III – Eine Klanginstallation zu Beethovens FIDELIO