Spatial Sound

[CATARSI] (2017)

Benedikt Brachtel

Benedikt Brachtel spatialized the work [CATARSI], an opera based on Beethovens’  »Fidelio« using the 4DSOUND System. The piece was part of the Münchner Opernfestspiele of Bayerische Staatsoper and took place at the Postpalast Munich.

On its insides the piece articulates the story of a man and a woman - nearly the ideal couple, and yet they live in two different worlds. Catarsi: for him a place where all his dreams become true, for her the reason her beloved is imprisoned by his own imagination. The place she must seek to confront him with reality. Her courage enables their encounter. But in which world does it take place? In real-life? In utopia? Through singing-encoded emotional outbursts - the fiction, the simulation of it? Beethoven´s Fidelio is being used as a Matrix to investigate which role subjective perception plays in a music-theatrical piece. Brachtel and his group AGORA reacts on Beethoven´s utopian blueprint with a journey through the protagonists Leonore and Florestan´s different realities.