Spatial Sound

Hanno Leichtmann

Hanno Leichtmann is a sound artist, music producer and curator living and working in Berlin.

Originally coming from improvised music as percussionist / drummer, Leichtmann devoted himself since 1998 to the electronic music. With his project Static he published several albums and toured throughout the world. In 2011 he released the "lost" soundtrack for Christoph Schlingensief's last film African Twintowers with Sir Henry and an Indian music ensemble. With the trio Groupshow he set the Andy Warhol classic Empire several times. From 2008 he curated several festivals and club series from the Senate, the music board and the HKF. Leichtmann has been working with sound archives since 2013. For his last work, Nouvelles Aventures, he received a work and research grant from the city of Berlin in the field of new music / sound art and a residency at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles to start in 2018. He is part of the trio Groupshow with Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler, and the trio Denseland with Avid Moss and Hannes Strobl. As ‘sideman’ on drums he was part of Stefan betkes POLE & Band, Daniel Bell and Friends as well as Raz Ohara and Odd Orchestra. He was also part of Johns Zorns own Cobra 2014 Tentett and composed the soundtrack for Sasha Waltzs Allee der Kosmonauten. He has played in many important festivals such as, CTM berlin, Unsound Krakow, New York, Minsk, Mutek Montreal and Mexico City, ICMC Havana and more.