Spatial Sound

OFFSET (2017)

Hanno Leichtmann

Hanno Leichtmann created the 35’ min piece OFFSET for 4DSOUND, made ‘on site’ at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest.

The work could carry the subtitle ‘music for samplers, loopers, electronic percussion and moog synthesizer’. All ten sections of the piece contain more or less the same musical ingredients; patterns of hi-hats, snares, toms, pads, bass and processed vocals. All musical events are processed by the means of cv offset controllers targeting samplers/loopers, drum samplers and a synth and are layered, but none of the tracks are in sync.They are offset - so the ear and brain tries to put them in a beat but fails as this process is changed all 30 seconds or so. Nevertheless there is a certain core that keeps all sound together. While most of the sounds have more or less fixed places in the sonic ‘cave’ some sounds wander around in the free space. The music itself reminds on sounds of early 90s club music as well as on minimalistic lofi tape loop experiments.