Spatial Sound

Zin Taylor

Plants Do Things (2019)  


Sometimes an event happens which completely transforms one’s sense of reality. The unnamed character in Zin Taylor’s new book finds himself in a similar situation, only in his case it’s effecting not only his mind, but his physical body as well. Waking with a strange condition—one which slows body movements to a crawl while simultaneously amplifying all sounds to a deafening pitch—he desperately tries to make sense of his altered reality. Terrified and disoriented he clumsily makes his way through his apartment in a hopeless attempt to “reboot his system”. Unsuccessful in his quest and drained of energy he eventually finds himself face-to-face with a potted plant in his hallway. Inexorably drawn to it’s mysteries he stares at it intently—something about this plant is guiding him—to where he's not so sure…