Spatial Sound

Timothy Leighton 

The Acoustic Bubble (1994)


The wide range of important applications concerning the acoustic interactions of bubbles necessitates a book of this form which, utilising analogy, description, and formulation, gives a 'physical feel' for the phenomena, whilst also providing thoroughly for mathematically adept readers.
The first half of the book introduces and draws together acoustics, cavitation nucleation and associated fluid dynamics, to examine the free oscillations of bubbles and the resulting acoustic emissions. In the second half, the behaviour and consequences of bubbles in externally-applied acoustic fields is discussed in detail, including the cavitational aspects of erosion and bioeffects.

Throughout the book topics drawn from a variety of disciplines, and include:

. Bubble and cavitation detection

. Bioeffects of clinical ultrasound

. Oceanic bubble populations

. Sonochemistry

. Ultrasonic degassing

. Weather sensing