Spatial Sound

Sta/g-mos (2018)

Kate De Lorme

An exploration in aligning physical and metaphysical bodies, ‘Sta/g-mos’ looks to explore sound’s fundamental connection to the body.

The artist’s interest was piqued through researching the ancient practice of resonant sound healing, and how this practice has resurfaced throughout history in many different and globally diverse forms. In Tantric practices, there is a tie between vibration, sound and colour. Where these elements align within the human body are called Chakras. It is theorized that one can align specific frequencies to resonate with the body’s Chakras, or energy centres, which each have their own emotional and physical attributes. Using this theory for elements of her past music works for theatre, the artist noticed a profound emotional connection to the music and action which seemed to transcend the action that was taking place on stage.

In her new work created at the Spatial Sound Institute, Kate de Lorme takes this experience a step further. Using the 4DSOUND system, surrealistic soundscapes and harmonizing frequencies work with the listener’s body to manifest as sound that evokes and balances with various emotional inner states. Sta/g-mos is a guided meditation using spatial sound to travel through our body, where the resonance with each of our energetic cores lead us to rethink the bond between vibration, body and the mind. An immersive audio journey in the true sense of the word.

This project was made possible with funding from: