Spatial Sound

Rozi Mákó

Structured improvisation, experimental music and the unrepeatable eternity of the present moment.

In addition to her studies in classical and jazz piano, Rozi Mákó was constantly open to various trends in electronic music, which she later studied in the sonology department of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the Netherlands.

Her live performances are slowly unfolding musical experiences that are both gently harmonious and embarrassingly noisy. The sounds appearing in the musical structure created by Mákó invite the listener to travel; meditative immersion in continuous renewal. In recent years, she has presented her audiovisual performance NEST with great success at several festivals. She is also active in many other music projects, be it an audiovisual dance performance (URFORM), an analogue-industrial techno (Committee, Tsering) or a contemporary theater performance (Self Drive).