Spatial Sound

Reem Khorshid

Reem Khorshid is an architect and researcher whose work examines architecture, city planning and urbanism, while her professional research focuses on reading state-relationships and socio-political histories in Arab cities. As a deaf architect, Reem has developed a personal interest in aural architecture, deaf urbanism and auditory spatial awareness, soon after receiving cochlear implants. Her current research and writings study the relationship between spatiality and sonic experiences in all forms of spaces, focusing specifically on street sounds.

Reem is also the Lead Researcher of Building Sharjah (2021), an upcoming book to be published by Birkhäuser about modern architecture and urban development in Sharjah in the UAE. Prior to her work in the UAE, she has also done research in Egypt about Cairo’s modernism and urban informality with Cairo Laboratory for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research.

Her work was exhibited at Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai and Tbilisi Architecture Biennial. She spoke and presented at conferences at Harvard University, Yale University and the University of Cambridge. She was also a guest speaker on podcasts at Kerning Cultures Network and Fil50. Her published work has appeared in Platform Space, Brownbook, Mada Masr, The National and the Daily News Egypt.