Spatial Sound

Fanni Fazakas / RUMEX

Fanni Fazakas better known by her stage name RUMEX is an audiovisual artist and music producer. The RUMEX project infuses her aptitude as audiovisual artist, music producer, pianist and vocalist to form new audiovisual experiences. Fazakas is a classically trained musician having played the piano for twelve years and growing in a family of classical musicians. Her mission is to preserve the rich elements of classical music and integrate it into today’s popular music and performance. Her music utilizes classical instruments with today’s popular electronic styles like techno and artpop.

She graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design where she studied Media Design. Her focus was on film techniques, generative music and visual programming. At the same time she attended imPro Budapest School of Music Technology - where she received extensive training in composing, sound design and engineering. Recently she is working on neuro and biofeedback projects where the sound is generated and controlled by the brain and the body.