Spatial Sound

Ode to Heisenberg + De Maria (2018)

Alyssa Miserendino

‘Ode to Heisenberg + De Maria’ is an immersive and interactive sound installation by Alyssa Miserendino. A surround-sound recording of the Peruvian Amazon is edited into a 24-hour cyclical presentation, recreating a lifelike sonic ecosystem where different subtle interactions between wildlife and human civilization can be witnesses. The listeners are surrounded by trees with the sound of birds and the ground covered crickets. Far away, one is surprised by the low and strong vibrations of a thunderstorm.

Visitors are invited to stay as little and as long as they like within the sound environment. During nighttime visitors can sleep in the space. The time of day in real life relates to the time of day in the Amazon recording. The environment allows listeners to connect with their own inner sounds and rhythms and experience the interactions with those of others. Miserendino’s next chapter of investigation is to layer the environment with human heartbeats. During future exhibitions of the piece, the sound of visitor's heartbeats will be spatialized in real time.

The piece is a tribute to Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and Walter De Maria's ‘Ocean Music’ and ‘Cricket Music’ from the 1960's.