Spatial Sound

Nikki Hock

Nikki Hock is a multidisciplinary artist. His work revolves around natural phenomena and the perception of the viewer. His art is about seeing, sensing and experiencing. In this, Hock engages on a journey with his viewers through multiple media, searching for aesthetics that fit the artist’s notion of honest communication. A collective experience that touches you personally. In his work Hock does not play with illusion - he does not make representations but is sculpting a space in the present in which, as he states, abstractions of memories are experienced.

Hock is drawn to performance as a live medium. Creating extremely filled spaces with only key elements. The work becomes the observer’s presence in the space, turning them into reactor without any interference. His work moves between reality and the metaphysical, in search of other worlds and new dimensions.

Nikki Hock graduated from the Mime Department at the Theatreschool in Amsterdam. He has been selected for the 3Package deal award from the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts (AFK) to support his art practice.