Spatial Sound


Florence To, John Connell

Developed over the last four years with 4DSOUND’s Paul Oomen, NOQTURNL has been an evolving part of 4DSOUND’s creative direction. Guiding the audience into a state that drifts between waking and sleeping, John Connell and Florence To create a series of spatial ’rooms’ with subtle patterns of light and sonic textures that evolve overnight. Improvised and performed live, the sound-and light-scapes seek to open the 'threshold' to hypnagogic state and even lucid dream, in which emotional response and creative association flourish.

A live performance evolving over 7 hours from midnight till early morning, NOQTURNL is an immersive meditation investigating the imaginative potential of dreaming. Participants have described NOQTURNL as both a calming and inspiring experience, resulting in a feeling of relaxation, emotional warmth and even catharsis.

At heart, NOQTURNL is an ongoing investigation into how immersive technologies - omnidirectional sound, high-definition optics - can enable conscious navigation of dream. NOQTURNL was commissioned as part of 4DSOUND: Circadian programme for TodaysArt in The Hague, 2015, with subsequent performances at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest together with Dasha Rush in 2016 and CTM Berlin 2018

Photography: Georg Schroll, Florence To, Becca Crawford