Spatial Sound

Music of the Metaverse

Carter Pochynok

Today, virtual reality is a niche technology truly accessible only to those with access to the necessary hardware. Even then, it is not difficult to argue that it is more a budding technology than a mature one. This will not always remain the same. Technologists predict that we will soon come to use virtual and extended reality as a primary way of consuming information and media; to create our own virtual worlds and watch them fuse together within the real one. This is the metaverse.

Equal parts an exploration of technological and artistic possibilities, Carter Pochynok develops Music of the Metaverse, a project that aims to re-envision traditional recorded music in such a way that will not only make it distributable through the metaverse but to further the recording arts in general.

It may be true that we are at least a decade away from having to consider the impending possibility of an internet based more on XR interfaces than on computer screens, but this is not an excuse to be unprepared. T he purpose of this project is to develop the technology libraries and media content needed to guide the future of art consumption when the world grows ready.

As part of his artist residency at the Spatial Sound Institute, Carter Pochynok studied the architecture of 4DSOUND software components in conjunction with its manifestation as physical experience of sound, and how these dimensions may inform the technological and experiential design of the future music distribution platforms of the metaverse.