Spatial Sound

Carter Pochynok

Carter Pochynok is an upcoming musician, composer and producer whose main interest is in the world of Progressive Rock and Metal despite getting his start in the world of Jazz drumset performance and classical composition. Born in 1996 in Salt Lake City, USA his most notable education outside his autodidactic training is as a graduate of the Caleb Chapman SoundHouse where he was first exposed to playing music at the world-class level. He is now working with some of the brightest stars in his field including producers from the camps of Pink Floyd, YES and Tool to realize the synthesis of highly eclectic influences into a debut album and ultimately form a group around this project to allow continued exploration and collaboration.

Always seeking to challenge the line between popular music and art music, releasing spatial recordings and touring with a spatial system to demonstrate his true vision are what bring him to SSI. His work here aims to fuse his artistic and engineering skills into a cohesive package that will bring both spatial art and spatial technology forward unto the creation of his signature project: Mobius Records. This is a label that intends to completely re-envision music distribution for the age of the Internet while teaching musicians to empower themselves as businesspeople. His ultimate goal is to remove the ability of major labels and management to take advantage of musicians being treated purely as assets.