Spatial Sound

Muscle and Mind (2015)

Oscar Mulero

The balance of intensity and spaciousness drew Oscar Mulero and 4DSOUND to develop a performance together for Techno Is Space, 4DSOUND’s series of experimental club performances exploring the spatial characteristic of techno. Mulero spatially re-interpreted his latest album Muscle and Mind on PoleGroup Recordings, taking advantage of the expansive spatial capabilities of the 4DSOUND system and integrated tactile bass-technology by SubPac.

‘(...) One of the initial questions I had before experiencing 4DSOUND was how up-tempo techno would sound on the 16-grid system with the Subpac on—my gut feeling was that the Subpac would be better suited to low-tempos. In the second half of his live set, Mulero proved me wrong, giving the crowd a taste of the Subpac's powerful bass with tracks like "Involuntary Response" and "Anatomical Variation." It was especially interesting to see how Mulero controlled the 16-grid system, using 3D-mapping software and a custom-build interface to manipulate the sound in different ways. Some of his more ambient tracks, such as "201 Element," seemed to unravel themselves almost organically, as the kicks and hi-hats fluttered through the room, hitting you at various different heights and angles.(...)’

- Resident Advisor