Spatial Sound

Mike Parker

A quiet but celebrated stalwart of the scene, the American artist has cultivated one of the most distinguishable sounds in techno to date with his hypnotic fixations on sound and texture. Over the past eighteen years, he’s explored this distinct style with numerous releases on his own label Geophone<>. Parker’s recorded discography includes a long running series of 12” records and two full-length albums, the latest being Lustrations on Prologue.

His approach to creation is uncompromising: a track is rehearsed many times, then recorded live on analogue gear without edits or overdubbing. This meticulous attention to creating something truly live gives his sound design its unique character. Mike Parker’s singularly powerful sound design has imprinted itself in our minds as the archetype of spatially evocative techno. Parker paints energetic movements through imaginary atmospheres, making audible the whirling dust around us, revealing the flickering shadows of forms in space, rather than simply the forms themselves.

'As Parker moves his fingers up on the screen, sound is transported from the floor to the ceiling. Audience with eyes closed are listening with full attention to the hypnotizing sounds that fill the space… above their heads and beneath their feet, rustling like the sea.'