Spatial Sound

Marijn Cinjee

Marijn Cinjee is a composer, spatial audio researcher and engineer at 4DSOUND.

His main focus is on creating enveloping experiences which transform the audience to a new (imaginary) internal environment. “I don’t know what people feel when they listen to my work, I simply want to bring it out”. To achieve this, the sound material is rooted in realistic sounds, and slowly progresses towards new abstracted functions of reality. In this process, recognizable sounds are gradually replaced by new elements, creating a subconscious transition from reality to the internal mental space. With this approach he intends to create a strong emotional bond between the listener, the creator, and the collective space. In his composition work, he makes an attempt to alter your perception of time and space, all with the intent of making these mental transitions as strong as possible, and create a timeless experience.

During the Sonotomia 2022 residency he got particularly interested in sounds which can only exist through spatial movement itself. This creates strange physical reactions and an interesting layer in perceptual listening. “The psychological playground is where sounds are mentally assigned to functions of one’s constructed reality. Auditory spatial perception is different for everybody, but it does contain recognisable collective patterns. These patterns are what fascinates me as a composer.”

Sound objects are spectro morphologically transitioned from individual localizable sounds, into what he calls “ the established world” Where we take for granted what we hear. His work is about establishing trust, placing the listener in a world they can relate themselves to, and then changing that world subconsciously to transport people to a new internal place.