Spatial Sound

Marcel Smit

Marcel Smit is a multidisciplinary creative coder located in Amsterdam, passionate about code, music, visuals, storytelling and anything in between. He studied in The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Over the past seven years, he’s leveraged his coding and visual skills to work on AAA- and indie-games. He’s the creator of Framework, a C++ creative coding library, and the vfxGraph and audioGraph libraries for real-time audio-visual synthesis and playful experimentation.

During the early days of the App Store he founded his own company to develop and publish apps for iPhone, and later iPad as well; responsible for both the design and the code for these apps; Critical Wave (iOS, BlackBerry) and  Untitled Paint App (iOS). Later on, he worked at Nixxes as a game technology and porting programmer, developing for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One.

At present, Smit is working as Senior Software Designer at 4DSOUND’s development studio in Amsterdam