Spatial Sound


Fabian Kempe aka Korridor is in the business of creating passages – both for himself and those who come in contact with his music. With highly acclaimed releases on Hypnus Records, Nordanvind and Northern Electronics over the last few years, Korridor has swiftly become a household name in the European electronic music scene. His heady blend of tribal-infused ambient techno, like 2014's hypnotic Vacuum Decay, rises and falls in rhythmical waves: swirling spirals of synths and echoing arcs of cymbals evoke images of distant, abstract spaces, accessed through deep trance. However, Fabian Kempe is by no means a novice. He has been active within the music scene as a producer under various monikers for over 12 years.

With his drum, the Shaman creates rhythms that open corridors to the spirit world. He brings people together as a tribe, creates altered states of consciousness and induces waves of ecstasy and yearning that affect masses of moving bodies simultaneously. Fabian Kempe keeps this tradition very much alive. A modern polyrhythmic Shaman that combines darkness with light, mathematical structures with melancholic harmonies and spiritual black holes with the brightest states of awareness.

Korridor explored his remarkable sound signature in a fully spatial sound approach as part of 4DSOUND: Techno is Space.