Spatial Sound

Kim Kong

One never quite knows what Kim Kong is up to, it’s therefore no surprise then that her musical combinations disregard the confines. From south-east London and of hispanic descent, this Sound Artist and DJ blending a multitude of genres from current UK grime, detroit-house, punk rock to african disco, where bassy melodic grooves are at her core. While her own productions normally take form within her Berlin-based music studio, the singer and pianist enjoys using sounds from everyday field recordings further afield to create rhythms that toy with our perception of where a soundscape becomes music, in part stemming from her former career as a Neuroscientist. Aside from that she is an active Performance Artist, a Software Engineer professionally, and Founder of Red Leather Lab, a production company that produces comedy, art and entertainment via a range of mediums to communicate current important medical topics and lessen the stigmas around being uniquely human.