Spatial Sound

Julia Eckhardt

Éliane Radigue: Intermediary Spaces/Espaces intermédiaires (2019)


Éliane Radigue, born 1932, is considered one of the most innovative and influential contemporary composers, from her early electronic music through to her acoustic work of the last fifteen years. Influenced by musique concréte and shaped by regular sojourns in the United States, where she discovered analogue synthesisers, her work unfolds an intensity which is at once subtle and monumental. Through her deep reflections on sound and listening, not only her music but also her working methods have come to shape a widely resonating set of new parameters for working with sound as musical material.

In the long interview which shapes the main body of this publication, Éliane Radigue speaks about her work and its underlying reflections and research, alongside its historical context. The publication contains a commented list of works and Radigue’s programmatic text, The Mysterious Power of the Infinitesimal.

Book Contribution[s] by Julia Eckhardt