Spatial Sound

Csaba Hajnóczy

Csaba Hajnóczy (b. 1957) is a musician, composer, musicologist, and teacher at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, living and working in Budapest. He is the main initiator and organizer of the CESSE – Conference #1. His recent artistic interest is field recording based composition and the use of spatial sound systems. Since 2013 he has given numerous talks and workshops in the field of acoustic ecology, including soundwalks, in Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Turkey.

Individual projects and events include: “Tuned to Magurski Park” – electroacoustic concert in Krempna (Poland, 2016) and at the Art Academy of Iceland, Reykjavík. Mediawave Festival, HU: 2002, 2005, Trafó Budapest: 2005, A38: 2003, 2008, Millenáris: 2007, Marosvásárhely /Tirgu Mures (RO) 2008, etc.

As an alternative rock musician, he was founder, main composer and guitar player of Kontroll Csoport between 1980 and 1983. Since 1984 he plays the same role in Kampec Dolores group. He has collaborated in several groups and projects such as formations of István Grencsó, The Danubians (US-CZ-H), Budbudas, Gianni Gebbia (I), etc.

As Artist-in-residence at Spatial Sound Institute in 2018, Hajnóczy, developed ‘From Sea to the River to the Sea’, a project in collaboration with photographer Szilágyi Lenke.
Their process was to assemble narratives concerning water using both visual and sound. In a diary-like way they composed a 10-episode spatial installative work.