Spatial Sound

Technical Equipment

Audio Equipment:
— Omnidirectional satellite speakers OmniDrive Pro (x36)
— 4D Subwoofers (x6)
— Vibrational transducers Aura (x18)
— Yamaha XMV-8280-D amps (x4)
— Yamaha XMV-4280-D amps (x4)
— Yamaha XMV-8140-D amps (x3)
— Digital mixing console LS9-16 with Dante interface
— SUBPACs with adapters and receivers (x5)
— Audio transducers, exicters and actuators various

Audio Controllers and Receivers:
— POZYX position tracking system
— Neuron Perception 32-sensor motion tracking system
— iPad with Lemur
— Touchscreen Hanns-G with HDMI and USB connection
— U-Control UC-33
— Behringer BCR-2000 rotary USB controller

Microphones and Applied Sound Equipment:
— Roland Binaural In-Ear Microphones 
— Shure MS58 Microphones (x3)
— Tascam DR-05
— M-AUDIO Firewire 1814
— Sony UHF transmitter and receiver
— Wireless headphone receivers with headphones (x50)
— Microwave Satellite dish with receiver, cables and mount
— Sound level meter VOLTCRAFT

Network Equipment:
— TP-Link 24-port gigabit switch
— TP-Link router AC1200
— Ethernet cables
— Belkin WIFI router

Visual Equipment:
— Neon light tubes white and blue (x48)
— 2 m2 automatable double-sided projection screens (x6)
— Programmable/DMX controllable LED strips (x2)
— Tour Hazer II by Smoke Factory

Acoustical Equipment:
— Foam absorbers
— Acoustic panels
— Molton curtains

Cables and Connectors:
— Various cables and connectors
— Jack (TRS), XLR, USB, RCA, DMX 5 pin
— power extension, power splitters
— VGA to MIDI, S/PDIF, word clock (M-Audio)

— Tabletop mic stand
— Mic clamps
— Mic stands
— Note stands
— Tripod

— Knives
— Screwdrivers
— Hammers
— Drills

Acoustical Instruments:
— Upright piano
— Tibetan bowls various
— Small percussive instruments various