Spatial Sound

Vanessa Li

Vanessa Li is a Canadian sound technologist and software engineer with formal training in music technology, computer science, architectural acoustics, and classical piano. Her personal artistic practice explores the nature of reality and the human experience synthesizing concepts borrowed from music, philosophy, neuroscience, and physics. Recurring themes in her works attempt to enhance auditory awareness by exploring the spatial properties of sound through architectural structures and the environment. The addition of EEG data in her installations further encourages self-reflection of one's inner state with respect to how one experiences, and more specifically how one listens to the world.

She received her Bachelor of Music in Music Technology from McGill University and Master of Science in Architectural Acoustics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has worked professionally in the audio software industry for 8 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her works have been exhibited around the Bay Area at the Soundwave Festival and Gray Area, and at Spektrum in Berlin.