Spatial Sound

Strukturen (2016)

Adam Krasz

Following on his previous experience in the field, Adam Krasz was initially thinking about generating a 45-channel piece going straight to the direct speaker outputs of the system. After experiencing the 4DSOUND system and its capabilities, he decided to overwrite his plans and think of the space as a whole.

Krasz: "The most interesting part of the system is that each sound has a different texture and quality depending on where the audience is located. I came up with the idea to use the space as a classical orchestra and induce a feeling that the musicians with their instruments are moving unrealistically in the space by making fast spatial movements up and down and disappearing in the distance. This concept was inspired by previous work of Penderecki and György Ligeti."

He started to collect geological and instrumental sounds and finally arrived at a much more simple spatial narrative merging artificial and organic sounds together into a granular, minimalistic experience.

Krasz: "By allowing long-stretched repetitive rhythms I intend to motivate the audience to explore the piece spatially. In conjunction I am creating a visual sculpture in the space to let the audience immerse in the spatial idea that is expressed in the sound on a deeper level." The resulting sculptural work Strukturen consists of a smaller space within the space, made out of semi-transparent foil. By creating an acoustically and visually separated zone, the psychological notion of the sounds and their behaviour in space is challenged as well as the meaning for the listener altered, depending on which perspective is taken in relation to the space(s).