Spatial Sound

Streams (2016)

Bálint Laczkó

Bálint Laczkó creates a piece titled ‘Streams’ that investigates the connections between instrumental musical gestures and the distribution of the sounding space. It is also experimenting with the division of a large space and thus the collocation and isolation of parallel musical events. It is focused on the slow gradual transformation of sound qualities shifting from rather eventlike sounds to the more stable, pitch-centered ones.

As long as he is composing, and even in his stereo pieces, Bálint Laczkó has always been highly focused on creating something he calls 'extraordinary spatiality'. During his studies at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music he built a patch with which he can control the spatial parameters of his sound phenomena with hand-gesture movements, keyboard, mouse and the touchscreen of his mobile phone. During his residency, Laczkó used this patch to generate sound scenes of 8-channel audio material, which are first organized as a coherent group of sound sources in the 4DSOUND system and played simultaneously, and are then mixed up, shattered and spread through the space.

Laczkó: “In my previous piece called 'Times of Change II' my intent was to create a very slow morphology of melodies and short but dense musical forms into a lengthened performance in where the sound material would blend into one coherent sound unit.” His exploration of the 4DSOUND system aims to consider the audience is moving and meanwhile let the morphing sound blocks catch the audiences interest. In the work he is using three strictly divided monophonic sound blocks which are slowly melting together into a new whole thanks to a pre-planned positioning technique that he will control live on stage. “Although the space is big this time, The audience will recognize separated sound entities, roughly each square meters will have its own personality. During a process stretched over 20 minutes of time, the whole will fall apart into sound particles and shatter. This changes in the structure of the sound materials are also a call to the audience to keep moving on and explore different dimensions.” All the sounds used in 'Streams' are created by Bálint using his cello and a guitar.