Spatial Sound


Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson

Silence is an immersive sound installation which aims to approach Silence in three different perspectives: Horizontal – External, Vertical – Internal & Divergent.

Based on John Cage’s writings, Silence is treated as a wide sound, a space where it is possible to identify the elements that compose the whole and each having equal importance. The project aims to encourage the senses and takes listening as the primary mode of experiencing — to be aware of what is going on around you and inside you, and to be able to make observations and move your attention fluidly in order to stimulate and sense creativity and inspiration. It's about creating space and meaning through self-awareness, listening, and being aware of the present and then working with what emerges, to create. 

The first stage, Horizontal-External Silence recreates and portrays a natural soundscape in which the fundamental lines of the space are sketched and the individual fills in the blanks with their own images. It's an invitation to investigate the ingredients that make up this area of stillness using your senses and body.

The second step, Vertical-Internal Silence involves acknowledging oneself as a sound element with expression and existence within this silence. It's a self-reflection and reflection, an invitation to meditation and mantra, all of which take place in a resonant setting within the constructed space, where the mics are turned on, providing an intimate depth to the soundscape.

After passing through the previous phases of Silence, the third level, Divergent Silence, is a subtle invitation to interact for personal inspiration. It's a place where you may express yourself and become a part of the natural world as an imaginative and creative human with relationships, reflections, ideas, and intuition. We need tools that allow us to change and feel alive.




Sketches: Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson    

Photo Credits: Alifiyah Imani