Spatial Sound

Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema is essentially techno artist Jeroen Verheij, from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Verheij's career had begun in a noticeably harder style (the European derivative of techno known as "gabba") with his debut single, the relentless "Solar System", issued on Meng Syndicate Records. His follow-up, "No Violence", was released on Paul Elstak's Rotterdam label, and was credited to Stomach Basher. Afterwards Verheij entered a transitory period. "I just didn't know what to do. I was like, 'Shall I go into the hard stuff or shall I go for something totally different.' In the end, I decided to keep experimenting. I bought some gear and nobody ever knew what had happened to Jeroen Verheij."

He re-emerged by teaming up with his friend Michel and starting the EC and Brave New World labels. After Secret Cinema's debut with "Timeless Altitude" he released "Point Blank", credited to Meng Syndicate. Both singles saw him maintain an allegiance to the hard beats and minimalism of gabba, but these tenets were now combined with a more eclectic approach and a less feverish tempo. The next Secret Cinema single, "Straight Forward", continued to explore new dimensions to his sound, and included the distinctive sound of the didgeridoo which had been such a prominent instrument in early 90s techno.