Spatial Sound

Peter Kirn

Peter Kirn is a producer/DJ, technologist, and journalist. He is a prolific music artist himself, and also builds platforms around new use of technology in music. Kirn has migrated from new music scoring and collaborations with modern dance in New York to techno outings and new electronic systems in Berlin, as well as hosting collaborative laboratories and workshops.

Classically trained as a composer and pianist, Kirn now produces adventurous techno and experimental music. Collaborative projects include Nerk/Kirn (V-Records, Snork Enterprises, with Nerk of Toktok fame), Alchemic Harm (dark ambient work, with a release with Lower Order Ethics), work with contemporary dance, sound art, and a collaboration with Robert Lippok (raster-noton), including a project on the 4DSOUND system with architect Arno Brandhlhuber. He also releases solo techno and experimental music.

He has for over a decade run CDM <> which has evolved into a daily destination for analysis of cutting-edge use of technology in all aspects of music. He is also co-creator with engineer James Grahame of the award-winning MeeBlip line of hardware synthesizers. He has collaborated with the European Space Agency, Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, and various festivals and conferences (TED, South by Southwest, re:publica), and produced workshops and open performance laboratories (MusicMakers Hacklab) around the world.