Spatial Sound

Naut Humon

Naut Humon is the Founder and Artistic Director of International Creative Operations for Recombinant Media Labs whose spatial AV media project the RML- CineChamber propagates a panoramic performance production platform for image and sound surround residencies & festival formats.

Springing from a vanguard of inventive immersive audience mobilization and transport events in the 70’s Naut’s progression through the subsequent decades led to a symphonized spectacle in Japan of corroded metal Sound Traffic Control Towers above attending audience 'passengers’ that roamed representational runways of a metaphoric sonic 'airport' where various figurative musical ‘cargo’s' landed, taxi'd and took off amidst the omni-directional audio trajectories from hundreds of circumferential floor to ceiling loudspeaker arrays.  As screens were seamlessly added to the enveloping speaker counts a more compact & affordable apparatus was actualized that could be staged in more commonly found ubiquitous rectangular auditoriums at designated urban venues throughout Europe and America. Since most Dome environments tended to marginalize the power and impact of magnified audio vibration the CineChamber context gives the dynamic range of frequency amplitudes a chance to breathe and float outward from the 10 screen & 8.8.2  wraparound container.

During  the 90’s thru the main 2000’s Naut was also curating artist content for Asphodel Records in New York and SF. Recordings included the DVD chamber orchestra renditions of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music (with Lou himself playing with the group Zeitkratzer) and the eminently compelling CDs of Mix Master Mike, Diamanda Galas, Rhythm and Sound, Tipsy, Iannis Xenakis, Christian Marclay, John Cage and Maryanne Amacher amongst many others.  He also curated for select portions of the annual ARS Electronica Festival in Austria where he also was the US coordinator of their Digital Music and Sound Art jury category for ten years. Having performed in the eighties with the avant- garde music group Rhythm & Noise, he later formed the Surround Traffic Control network; the aural optic incubator that gave birth to today's CineChamber apparatus that recently returned from overseas to California in 2016/17 with the annual autumn