Spatial Sound

Myroslava Kuts

Myroslava Kuts is a Sound Designer and a Sociologist. She holds a MA in Sociology, specialized in sociological research and human subject experiment. Her main experience stands in the creation of artistic projects which combine art, science and technology. She explores above all the sleeping process and brain-related topics from the neuroscientific and the cognitive science perspectives. Her primary questions are how to bring back the sleep value to people; how to recreate the atmosphere of sleep operating at the nexus of sound, neuroscience and design. To create soundscapes Myroslava relays on the brain data (collected directly for the project or gathered from the research) and reproduces it into audio pieces by using multiple levels of ambience structures, static noises, high frequencies, recordings of voices and environments. As a sociologist she is attracted to the subject of perception and routine process and she uses methods of sociological research to study it. She's been a part of the collaborative residency HIVE at thecamp in Aix-en-Provence, France in 2019; in 2018 she had a curator assistant residency at the Matigan Gallery in Vienna, Austria. Myroslava had a range of exhibitions: in 2020 at Palais in Arles, France as a part of the exhibition 1 Mètre during Arles Contemprorain; in 2019 at the Digital Art Festival in Athens, Greece; in 2019 at thecamp in Aix-en-Provence, France; in 2019 at Zer01ne Zone showcase in Seoul, South Korea; in 2018 at Jewish Museum in Berlin, Germany.