Spatial Sound

Mémétique Élucubrations (2018)

Pierre Jolivet 

As an experienced practitioner in experimental music, Pierre Jolivet was invited in residence at the Spatial Sound Institute mid 2018 to creatively experiment as a sound artist, technologist and researcher. Jolivet introduced his compositional processes to 4DSOUND spatialisation engine and a 42-speaker omnidirectional speaker system. The corpus of the work was live-electronics mixed with sensor technologies. Spatialisation was especially in the focus of the experiments to add an extra perceptual layer.

The new ‘object oriented’ piece has been developed around complex shifting spatialised psychoacoustics to generate an ever evolving soundscape using analog sound oscillators and an electromagnetic field sound translating device that detects the energy from the electronic tools that Jolivet uses for his sound performance. The environment was an integral part of the composition as it is important to sonically navigate the space to alter the auditory perspective.

The set consisted of two computers, one for the sound generation and processing and one for the sound engine as a dispatch for the spatialisation. Mémétique Élucubrations is a subtle hybrid event on the threshold between performance and installation where the audience’s experiential participation is gradually expanding with time. The piece was presented as a self-generative evolving piece where the artist intervened at certain moments creating a continuous dialogue leading to very subtle and transforming changes throughout a 4-hour long set, creating an extreme immersive bond with the audience.

Mémétique Élucubrations 36.6