Spatial Sound

Mathis Bonotto

Mathis Bonotto is an acoustical engineer and an electronic music enthusiast, driven by forward thinking sound texture and experience investigation . Also attracted by architecture it was the combination of both entities: sound and space that made him want to become an Acoustician. His listening experience has made him perceive sound as an object, a material that can be manipulated and thus influenced his desire to explore and understand the scientific fundamental notions and phenomenons of sound. He is interested in using his scientific and engineering background to develop and improve innovative technologies which allow artists to express themselves and experiment through sound, and more particularly through immersive sound. This obsession in manipulating sound in space, led him to discover the domain of sound spatialization and thus to work with 4DSOUND.

In the past years he was also involved in developing independent music events in his hometown Toulouse with the Collectif Sympa and Hueco Mundo, bringing a post-club, bass and grime oriented music culture into parties, where he learnt about sound technics, event and artistic management.

Mathis will soon graduate from his acoustic and vibration engineering Master degree at the engineering school ENSIM in Le Mans, France. He’s currently an intern at SSI, using his scientific and engineering knowledge to make some improvement on the software and hardware of the 4DSOUND system.